Whether you have your own fleet or use for-hire carriers, transportation of materials, chemicals, or wastes can lead to environmental liability. During transportation of materials, chemicals, or wastes, accidents can occur that result in a release that impacts the environment. Transporters can be held liable for the property damage and bodily injury of others that results due to a pollution incident on the road. Additionally, those companies hiring a for-hire transporter to transport their materials, chemicals, and wastes can become liable for claims related to a release during transport, if the transporter doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage. Transporters can reduce their environmental liability by becoming a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC). Companies hiring transporters can minimize their liability by ensuring that the companies they are hiring are CERC certified.

The benefits of becoming a CERC certified transporter include the following:

  • Differentiate from your competition by providing environmental training to your drivers and protecting yourself against potential pollution claims
  • Including the CERC Certificate with your qualifications is a great way to rise above your competition and win more bids
  • Properly trained employees help to reduce environmental, health and safety incidents, improving your Experience Modification Factor which affects your Workers’ Compensation insurance premium
  • Obtain true pollution liability insurance coverage to protect your company in the event of a costly pollution cleanup due to a release occurring during transport.
  • Should there be a claim that you are not at fault for, transportation pollution liability insurance will cover your defense costs, as well

Findings ways to differentiate your business in the marketplace can be challenging. Becoming a CERC certified transporter builds confidence and relationships with companies hiring you, and helps manage your environmental risks.