The Mold Pros was named a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) on December 2, 2020. This certification is awarded to contractors who proactively mitigate their environmental risks through proper training and back their work with proper insurance. CERCs are leading the construction industry with properly trained employees, which enhances their reputation with clients and the communities they work in, outshining their competition.

The Mold Pros initially started as National Remediation Inc. in 2009, originating in Kansas City. Over time, as the company expanded to different states and became affiliated with different organizations, the company changed its name to what it is today, The Mold Pros.

There are several things that set The Mold Pros apart from other environmental contaminant contractors. The first is their Proprietary Formula, which was developed in 2013. The formula is a proven safe-and-effective bio-enzyme solution that treats mold naturally. The bio-enzymes naturally break down mold and mold spores. 

Another facet that sets them apart from the competition is their strong work ethic and variety of services. Beyond utilizing their formula, The Mold Pros also assess and treat for a variety of indoor contaminates, including mold, bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

The Mold Pros not only focus on upholding the highest standards while at their jobsites, but also do their best to educate people on the hazards associated with mold. On their website, viewers can find links to blog posts by experts discussing various hazards and current topics associated with environmental contaminants. Furthermore, website viewers can access various webinars, case studies and other resources provided by the company.

Diane Bohde, President of The Mold Pros, believes that contractors have a responsibility to uphold the highest standards while on and off a jobsite. As such, it was only inevitable that her company became a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor.

Our goal at The Mold Pros is to find a better way to remediate indoor air quality issues. Becoming a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor aligns with our mission to offer education and new solutions in managing environmental risks like mold.

Diane BohdePresident

Through their dedication to educate their customers, conduct webinars, as well as maintain the highest degree of prudence while at their jobsites, The Mold Pros continually demonstrate why they are such a valuable member of the CERC community.

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