Minimizing Pollution Exposures: 3 Tips from Environmental Risk Professionals for Contractors

Risks associated with environmental pollution are often overlooked and not addressed until after they happen. This webinar discusses the various strategies business owners can utilize to mitigate pollution risks and an overview of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) is provided.

Staying Safe And Sound On The Job

From August 15 to August 22 of 2022, OSHA is hosting Safe + Sound Week, which “is a nationwide event held each August that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe.”  

As contractors take the time to focus on instilling safety practices into the workplace, Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) and Environmental Risk Professionals have created a webinar to help contractors identify and mitigate risks that may be related to their industry. CERC also offers a variety of other resources for contractors to utilize as they focus on prioritizing employee safety.

Pollution Prevention Practices

Pollution Prevention Practices provide training opportunities to increase safety awareness among employees, and are available for a variety of environmental risks.

Environmental Certification

Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractors (CERC) is a certification program that aims to promote environmentally responsible contractors who have secured broadened pollution insurance and have appropriately trained their employees.

Metrics And Stats

CERC and ERP have newsletters identifying the latest news and numbers pertaining to environmental safety, as well as relevant metrics related to various industries.

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices are tips created by environmental risk professionals to aid contractors in identifying hazardous situations in the workplace, and figuring out how to safely handle such situations.

Employee Training

Training employees is one of the most important steps pertaining to staying safe and sound on the job. Training may include OSHA required training, industry-wide standard practices and/or Pollution Prevention Practices provided by Environmental Risk Professionals.

Environmental Risk Overviews

Environmental Risk Overviews (EROs) are educational documents which detail the different pollution exposures a business may face during work, at a site, or in their insurance coverage. This in turn can help contractors to navigate and mitigate risks.

CERC is administered by Environmental Risk Professionals. ERP is an environmental consulting firm with a team of experienced and committed experts determined to help companies minimize pollution claims. Through Pollution Prevention Practices, Operation and Maintenance Plans and other services, the firm helps businesses understand their risk exposures and in turn, mitigate potential claims and effects on the environment. 

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