Horizontal Boring, LLC's efforts toward environmental responsibility have earned recognition in the CERC community.

November 16, 2022

Joining CERC

Horizontal Boring, LLC was recognized by Environmental Risk Professionals as a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor.

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Horizontal Boring, LLC

Boring & Hand Tunnel Operations

Horizontal Boring offers services for most of the cities, towns and reservations in the state of Arizona as well as through out the Southwestern U.S.

Among the various services they provide are horizontal auger boring, tunnel boring and hand tunneling, hard rock drilling, and directional drilling. On their website, the company states that, "our business is built on honesty, integrity, loyalty and perseverance."

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Properly Trained. Properly Insured. A Better Choice.

CERC is a certification program that aims to promote environmentally responsible contractors by helping them stand out from lesser-qualified competition and win more bids.

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How To Become A CERC

Contractors can become certified by establishing an environmental risk management plan through broadened pollution coverage and training employees on environmental best practices. “A CERC certificate can reduce the time project owners and general contractors spend verifying insurance requirements and demonstrate that a company has trained their employees on Pollution Prevention Practices,” said Darren Berg, president of Environmental Risk Professionals.

Leaders in Environmental Risk Mitigation

Environmental Risk Professionals is an environmental consulting firm with a team of experienced experts determined to help companies minimize pollution claims. Environmental Risk Professionals helps businesses understand their risk exposures and in turn, mitigate potential claims and negative effects on the environment. The CERC certification is administered by Environmental Risk Professionals. 

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