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Green and Sustainable Services (GSS) was named a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) on April 16th, 2020. This certification is awarded to contractors who are leading the construction industry by implementing best management practices to minimize the risk of releasing toxic and hazardous pollutants into the environment.

GSS is a woman-owned company that was founded in 2008. Their work has been recognized by many organizations and has led to them working with several government contractors. The water treatment program GSS created for Baltimore Country Public Schools helped them earn the 2013 North America Grand Prize for Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science.

The company believes natural resources are precious and conservation of natural resources helps sustain life. GSS provides services, products and equipment to assist public and private organizations in identifying technical approaches, processes and solutions to help sustain the environment to ensure we all have adequate natural resources to support projected growth.

Many parts of the U.S. are facing—or in the future could be facing—water shortages. As our population expands, human demands for water will put increasing pressure on rivers, streams and aquifers. The best response to this situation is a thoughtful, feasible long-term plan for acquiring new water supplies and reducing demand.

As municipal utilities explore alternative sources for freshwater, desalination processes have grown in popularity. Desalination refers to any of several processes that remove excess dissolved solids, such as salts and minerals, from water. It is essential to coordinate and share information between municipal governments and seek joint regional approaches for the development of new water sources and advanced treatment processes.

Thomas L. SmithM.B.A., Ph.D., P.E. and BCEE, DWRE, LEED AP, ENV SP, CPESC, CPSWQ (Infrastructure Solutions)

GSS is committed to supplying a cost-effective program of products, equipment and services that provides good results and a low total cost of operation. The company can provide the following products:

  • HVAC Water Treatment Products & Equipment
  • Water Based Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Facility / Industrial Products
  • Plumbing Parts & Fixtures
  • Solvent Based Cleaners
  • Spill Absorbent Products
  • Lubrication
  • Biologicals
  • Patching Products
  • Aerosols
  • Drain Products
  • Spill Absorbent Products

As a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor, GSS is devoted to public outreach and education campaigns that are environmentally responsible, resource-efficient and promote good stewardship of the world’s natural resources. 

About CERC

Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractors (CERC) is a new certification program that aims to promote environmentally responsible contractors by helping them stand out from the lesser-qualified competition and win more bids. Contractors can become certified by establishing an environmental risk management plan through broadened pollution insurance and Pollution Prevention Practices provided by Environmental Risk Professionals.

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Environmental Risk Professionals is a team of highly experienced risk professionals determined to help contractors and other business owners minimize pollution claims. Through Pollution Prevention Practices, Operation and Maintenance Plans and other services, Environmental Risk Professionals helps businesses understand their risk exposure and in turn, mitigate potential claims and effects on the environment. Learn more about Environmental Risk Professionals by visiting