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Coleman Environmental Engineering, Inc. has been a licensed contractor in the state of California since 1999. Coleman is a certified minority (Native American) owned business and well as a recognized DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise).

As a company, Coleman Environmental Engineering, Inc. has successfully completed projects in environmental remediation related to wildfire debris removal and management, contaminated soil remediation, stream restoration, structural demolition, civil infrastructure site preparation, vegetation management, and others. The team has more than 80 years of combined experience in environmental remediation and construction.

Services Offered By Coleman Environmental Engineering, Inc.

Remedial Construction

Coleman Environmental Engineering has extensive experience in significant earthwork projects, complex and hazardous chemical decontamination, sampling and contaminant removal, demolition, remedial system installation, erosion control improvements, and ecological restoration.

Disaster Recovery and Debris Management

As the only company in the state of California that has experience in both debris management and debris removal, Coleman has built an exemplary record of successfully responding to wildland fire recoveries. The company has also responded to wildfire recovery efforts in Washington and Colorado, and are positioned, staffed and ready to respond to other natural or built environmental emergencies.

Vegetation Management

Coleman has been able to respond to the increased need to suppress future wildfire by being able to staff over 150 Certified Utility Foresters, supporting the team as they assist in the identification of potential vegetation risks along the tens of thousands of utility line miles in California.

The CERC Difference

CERC governance matters because it is crucial to be transparent with customers and suppliers in regard to compliance and participating in mitigation risk from daily activities and projects environmental organizations take part in. It is all too easy for a firm to say they care about the environment but without certifying that in some way, those words meaningless. Our commitment to train our staff to mitigate risk and insure our projects to cover our partners, are the foundation of our commitment to the environment.

Melissa TzourakisExecutive Admin / Marketing Manager

Coleman Environmental

Engineering, Inc.

Is A Valuable CERC

Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor:

This certification is awarded to contractors who proactively mitigate their environmental risks through proper training and back their work with proper insurance. CERCs are leading the construction industry with properly trained employees, which enhances their reputation with clients and the communities they work in, outshining their competition.

Through their dedication to maintaining best work practices while on the job, as well as being fully licensed and insured, Coleman Environmental Engineering, Inc. shows that they are setting a standard when it comes to promoting ESG in their industry.