Caliper Construction was named a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) on October 13, 2020. This certification is awarded to contractors who proactively mitigate their environmental risks through proper training and back their work with proper insurance. CERCs are leading the construction industry with properly trained employees, which enhances their reputation with clients and the communities they work in, outshining their competition.

Caliper Construction was founded in 2001 and is licensed in both New Mexico and Texas.

Holding a GA98, GB98 and GF98 license, their team has several decades of experience in the industry. Caliper Construction is determined to remain committed to the concept of “Zero Injury Construction.” This mantra is evident in all that they do, as they operate with integrity, passion, and precision regardless of the task.

At Caliper Construction, safety and quality assurance are top priorities. Our team is honored to be a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor and receive recognition for going above and beyond to ensure our business is environmentally responsible.

Courtney McVayTreasurer

Their staff has over 60 years of experience working in the construction industry. They offer expertise and specialize in solar fields, subdivisions, road work, concrete, curb & gutter, storm drains, erosion control, flood control, demolition, site excavation, and site development.

Caliper Construction is an award-winning general contractor. The company has been the winner of The Best of Las Cruces as a Top Heavy Civil Construction company for three consecutive years in a row, with the award highlighting those who are deemed the top in excavation. They are also a Cooperative Educational Services (CES) awarded contractor; CES serves public schools, municipalities, nonprofits, and other local public bodies in New Mexico.

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About CERC

Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractors (CERC) is a certification program that aims to promote environmentally responsible contractors by helping them stand out from the lesser-qualified competition and win more bids. Contractors can become certified by establishing an environmental risk management plan through broadened pollution insurance and Pollution Prevention Practices provided by Environmental Risk Professionals.


About Environmental Risk Professionals

Environmental Risk Professionals is a team of highly experienced risk professionals determined to help contractors and other business owners minimize pollution claims. Through Pollution Prevention Practices, Operation and Maintenance Plans, and other services, Environmental Risk Professionals helps businesses understand their risk exposure and mitigate potential claims and effects on the environment.