Frequently Asked Questions

What is CERC?

CERC or Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) is a certification program powered by Environmental Risk Professionals, LLC that highlights a company’s commitment to conducting environmentally responsible work practices while backing said practices with financial responsibility.

Who are Environmental Risk Professionals, LLC?

Environmental Risk Professionals is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in mitigating environmental risks for clients through Pollution Prevention Practices and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) plans. They offer additional products and services designed to assist clients with broadening insurance coverage and lowering premiums.

What does it cost to become CERC certified?

The certification process is free of charge once the minimum requirements have been met.

What are the minimum requirements to become CERC certified?

To become CERC certified, you must purchase a qualifying pollution insurance policy and distribute Pollution Prevention Practices. Pollution Prevention Practices can be purchased from Environmental Risk Professionals by visiting their website. For insurance policy requirements, please click here. If you already have a policy and want to know if it meets the requirements for CERC, click here and enter the required information into our coverage evaluator for verification.

Do I have to purchase Pollution Prevention Practices from Environmental Risk Professionals?

Yes. CERC is a certification program that is powered by Environmental Risk Professionals and requires contractors to mitigate environmental risk by distributing Pollution Prevention Practices and carrying pollution insurance. Although insurance can be obtained from various sources and be quickly verified through the online coverage evaluator, CERC-approved Pollution Prevention Practices are only available through Environmental Risk Professionals.

What is the time and effort for Contractors to participate?

CERC was created to shine a spotlight on contractors in a room full of competitors. Once a qualifying insurance policy has been obtained, the required time and effort is minimal. It involves creating an online account with Environmental Risk Professionals and purchasing Pollution Prevention Practices (which you will receive as a .pdf document), followed by a short training session with your employees.

What are the training requirements?

The training is up to you, but Environmental Risk Professionals suggests either holding a short training session (e.g. a lunch and learn) with your employees and share the Pollution Prevention Practices with them, or in lieu of a training session, share the Pollution Prevention Practices with your employees and require them to sign off they have read and understand the Pollution Prevention Practices. Be sure to keep a copy of the sign off sheet for your records.

I have the required insurance policy and have distributed Pollution Prevention Practices, when can I get my certificate?

There is a self-certification process for you to complete that certifies the Pollution Prevention Practices have been distributed. Once that has been completed, you will receive your CERC certificate via email.

How time consuming is this process?

With the exception of the Pollution Prevention Practices training, all of these activities are done electronically and take a few clicks of the mouse.

How long is the certification good for?

The certification expires at the same time as your insurance policy. It may be renewed upon verification your insurance policy has been renewed.

Is CERC different than LEED?

Yes. LEED is a certification program for green building. CERC is a certification program for contractors that mitigate their environmental, health and safety risks and carry pollution insurance to respond in the event a pollution incident occurs during job performance.

How does Environmental Risk Professionals know if a contractor is actively following the Pollution Prevention Practices?

As part of the certification process, Environmental Risk Professionals requires a contractor to self-certify they have distributed the Pollution Prevention Practices. This process must be repeated each time the contractor renews their insurance policy if they wish to receive an updated certificate.

Does Environmental Risk Professionals have a safety person that provides onsite training and/or inspections?

No. The certification process does not include training or inspections conducted by Environmental Risk Professionals personnel.